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In the year 380BC Hippocrates wrote: ‘A physician must be experienced in many things but assuredly so in rubbing – for the things that have the same names have not always the same effect, for rubbing can bind a joint that is too loose and loosen a joint that is too tight; rubbing can bind and loosen; can make flesh or cause parts to waste; hard rubbing binds; soft rubbing loosens’. From these criteria we have designed the following massage treatments:
Soft tissue manipulation (approx 45-60mins) £40.00
For specific muscular problems (particularly chronic ones) where muscles are tight and short, this treatment can be described as ‘usefully uncomfortable’ and generally works on prescribed areas, suitable for adults of all ages. (This treatment is contra-indicated in acute conditions)
Soothing (approx 1 ½ hours) £50.00
Bergamot balances the nerves, Sandalwood calms, Jasmine helps you ‘let go’.Hot stones will be used in this massage to release tight muscles and leave you feeling truly relaxed and warmed to the core.
Tranquillity (approx 1 ¼ hours) £45.00
Using techniques found in Lomi Lomi, aromatherapy and ayverdic hot oil massage we will usher you into a dream like state where your body can find a place to repair itself.We will use high altitude lavender to soothe, rose oil to create equilibrium and neroli to relax
Thai Invigorating massage (approx 1 ¼ hours) £50.00
This massage stimulates the senses as well as the body, using hot herbal balls (luk pra kob) filled with traditional Thai herbs such as Kaffir lime, turmeric, camphor, prai, menthol and tamarind to release muscle, soothe aches and pains and relax the mind, these herbs have anti inflammatory properties and are therefore useful in the treatment of some inflammatory conditions.
Aromatherapy massages (approx 1 hour) £40.00
Gentle and soporific in its effect you will be relaxed both physically and emotionally, this comfortable and rebalancing treatment is the perfect way to enhance your day. Please be advised that some oils cause photosensitivity so exposure to the sun must be avoided.
Half body Aromatherapy massage (approx ½ hour) £30.00
Full body Swedish massage (approx 1 hour) £40.00
This massage offers a combination of fast percussive and slow effleurage movements that relax the mind and stimulate the body into letting go of muscular stress.
Indian Head Massage (approx ½ hour) £30.00
We offer three variations of IHM: 1st Stimulates the upper body, increases flexibility and clarity of mind. No oil is used and you will be seated during the treatment. 2nd Similarly you will be seated for this variation, but contact is made on the skin with a small amount of oil. (By request the lower back can be worked as well.) 3rd This is given in a supine position: warm aromatic oil is poured on to the hairline then massaged into the upper back, neck, face and head - a deeply relaxing treatment but very oily. All of our IHM’s rebalance the crown, forehead throat and heart Chakras.
Reflexology (approx 1 hour) £40.00
Using reflex points on the feet that correspond to points on the body (at a physical and emotional level) the entire body is holistically treated this ancient ritual can have a profound effect on you.
Cranio Sacral Therapy (approx 1 hour) £40.00
This gentle treatment has a profound effect on the body; it promotes wellbeing and healing in a very individual way.A useful therapy for many conditions including pain, tiredness, depression, post-operative recovery, post-childbirth recovery and emotional problems, or just for relaxation and rebalancing: please call for more details about this therapy.
Cranio Sacral for Children and Infants P.O.A
A useful therapy for newborns and children alike, it can help with fractious, injured and stressed children. It is also useful for children with sensory dysfunction.
Reiki (approx 1 hour) £35.00
A non-invasive treatment developed in Japan in the early 20th century, it has gained popularity in recent years, it is relaxing and curative and useful for chronic conditions.
Thermo Auricular Therapy (approx 1 hour) £42.00
In Ancient Egyptian and in American Indian culture Thermo Auricular Therapy has been used to clear the ear and sinuses for generations, this unusual treatment is given with a lymphatic face and neck massage.Your therapist will open the used candle for you and you can see what ‘comes out’.
Beauty and Revitaliastion - also available in your cottage or hotel room
Please browse our range of beauty and revitalisation treatments:
Back detox (approx 1 hour) £40.00
Cleansed, exfoliated and covered with a mineral mud mask and when you’re all clean and spruced you will be given a firm back massage.This treatment leaves you feeling fresh clean and invigorated. If requested this treatment can be delivered with a G5 lymph massage.
Natural Balance Facial (approx 1 hour) £45.00
Sun, wind, salt and life dehydrate the skin, this restorative facial will leave you feeling relaxed protected and revived.Your treatment will begin with a head massage to help you to unwind; this will be followed by a classic facial, an excellent choice for aging and sensitive skin.
Natural Balance enhanced body ritual (approx 2 hours) £80.00
This two hour treatment begins with a fragrant foot soak, then moves on to a relaxing but firm back massage after which you will have a deeply cleansing and hydrating facial, using rhassoul clay spirulina and other natural products your skin will feel fantastic. All the products used on you are available to purchase.
Raw Earth Pedicure for men and woman (approx 1 hour) £35.00
We use an earthy collection of nature’s finest minerals to restore natural beauty and promote healthy feet. During this treatment your feet will smoothed revitalised and rehydrated, your nails filed and shaped, leaving you ready for all that Scilly can throw at you.Why not follow this with a painted lady treatment.
Heaven Sent Manicure for men and woman (approx 1 hour) £30.00
This is the sister treatment to the Raw Earth Pedicure, it will soothe revitalise and rehydrate your hands and nails leaving you ready to handle life on Scilly.Why not follow this with a painted lady treatment.
Painted Lady (or gent) £15.00
A quick file and varnish If you wish to finish your pedicure or manicure with nail varnish £2.50
The PHD waxing system is a revolutionary way to remove unwanted hair (even from delicate areas); it’s clean hygienic and easy to use.
Half leg £12.00 ¾ leg £15.00
Full leg £25.00 Chin £7.50
Upper lip £7.50 Back/Chest £25.00
Bikini line £15.00 Eye brow shaping £7.50
Under arm £12.50
In Your Cottege - can also be available in your hotel room
The following treatments to take place in your cottage or hotel room please ring for details.
Bodyworks Half Day Spa (approx 3 ½ hours) £175
Spend some time in the capable hands of our therapist: our full body spa treatments can include full body exfoliation, mineral mud wrap, a full body massage and a mini manicure and pedicure. If any of the treatments included are not for you then please let us know and we can tailor a treatment to suit you.
Full Day Spa (7 hours) P.O.A
Why not invite us to pamper you and your friends; this is an ideal way to spend one day whilst relaxing on Tresco. Lunch can be arranged if required. Please select from the treatments below:
  • Facial
  • Full body exfoliation,mud wrap and full body massage
  • Aromatherapy massage
  • Painted lady mini manicure
  • Full body Swedish massage
  • Back detox treatment
  • Thermo Auricular therapy
  • Heaven Sent Manicure
  • Raw Earth Pedicure

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